Contractor hot & cold insulation metal cladding,

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02 9314750

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mechanical contractor repair and service maintenance,casting of alloy metal,m for industrial and power sector application,petrochemical plant,industrial plant
piping works,duct works,metal fabrication Steam Boiler storage Tank ( SS/CS) Pressure Vessel Heat Exchanger
Oil heater Steam Heater Pipe Support Skid Type Process Pump assembly Foundry & Machining (Joint Venture with QAMTIS
Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC AHU, FAN, Cooling Tower, Chiller, etc.
Ductworks Grilles & Diffuser, Louver for Kitchen Fire Protection prinkler)Sprinkler Piping Systems Process Piping (ASME B31.3)Steam & condensate Piping Utility Piping Systems.Insulation & Metal Cladding Electrical Works (Mechanical Equipment Load Side)FEED MILLS Boiler
Drag Conveyor ( SOYA & CORN