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02 376 6279

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Westpac Meat Processing
Corporation was
founded July of 2009 with the sole
purpose of importing quality meat
products from different
geographical locations all over the globe.It is a member of the Frabelle Group of Companies, a major player in the Philippine seafood industry for decades. Westpac Meat
Processing Corporation is FFC’s stepping stone to hallmark its entry into the meat importing, processing, and distribution business. It started importing beef and lamb from New
Zealand, pork from Canada and beef from the USA including the highly revered Angus beef and eventually, included
chicken and pork primal cuts into its list completing its product line.
WMPC also have a ground beef processing plant that serves local meat processors and local food chains with their product requirements which
necessitates WMPC to import other beef off-cuts and
products related to processing.
The company office is strategically located near the port of Manila, Philippines to immediately receive the products into our own cold storage facility guaranteeing the integrity and safety of the products that is a unique advantage in terms of speed in distribution of goods.
With Westpac, our
client satisfaction comes first.