Market Research Services

One Lourdes Place, Bagong Pag-asa Bagong Pag-asa QUEZON CITY NCR
02 921 0008

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ADT Market Research Services (ADT MRS) is a sole proprietor company founded in February 2005 by Aurora Danga Tamondong. It provides field personnel and tabulation services along with other requirements related to the conduct of market research.
Aurora Danga Tamondong – the founder, had an extensive background in the field of market research acquired from more than thirty years of experience. ADT MRS is now being managed by her daughter Ofelia Tamondong- Maglalang.
With qualified and credible personnel, ADT MRS assures all services rendered comply with high quality standards and maintains strict confidentiality on all gathered information. Our field services are guaranteed to be highly compliant to MORES standards and may be customized based on the client’s requirements.