unit A Metrococo Bldg, Lot 3F & .American Road, Green field Automotive park. Don Jose CITY OF SANTA ROSA LAGUNA
02 584-4434

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Located inside Greenfields Auto Park, Special Economic Zone, Sta Rosa, Laguna

Leasing a 650-square meter facility at Metrococo Building.

Registered with Philippine Economic Zone Authority

* Mold Design & Fabrication
Can produce 5 to 7 molds per month

Current capacity : 800kpcs to 1Mpcs/month
Planned capacity by 1Q2013 : 2Mpcs/month

*Tray Washing
High pressure water-spray type machine using RO/DI water
Washing machine inside class 10000 environment.
Washed trays packed in class 100 environment
Capacity to wash 300kpcs to 500kpcs per month