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38 Timog Avenue Laging Handa QUEZON CITY NCR

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RLINK Group of Companies

Our vision is to be a reliable business partner in various specialized industries in the Information Communication Technology (ICT), in Aviation and Construction.

Our mission is to provide quality goods and services on a timely manner for the satisfaction of the client.

Company Profile:

The RLINK Group of Companies was founded by a dynamic Filipino entrepreneur with a select group of Filipino business professionals. RGC is 100% Filipino owned. The Group is engaged in various specialized industries in Information Communication Technology (ICT), and will be involved in the Aviation and Construction Industries soon.

The group first started as RLINK Business Solutions, Inc. (RBSI). RBSI had its humble beginnings since the year 2000, when the group’s Principal Incorporator founded ROBCOM Computer Trading. ROBCOM was very successful in the ICT business. So in the year 2007, when business is expanding, ROBCOM grew as a corporation with a new business name INTELINK Business Solutions Corporation (IBSC). In the year 2010, the business name of INTELINK was change to become known as RLINK Business Solutions, Inc. (RBSI).

In the year 2013, as the Philippine economy grew and continue to expand, the President of RLINK saw business opportunities in other specialized industries in aviation and construction. So on the same year, two new companies were formed. They are RLINK Aviation Corporation (RAC) and RLINK Construction, Inc. (RCI). RAC will engage in providing services and supply of aircrafts, spare parts, equipment and accessories for the commercial and military aviation industry. RCI will focus in the construction industry.

These companies RBSI+RAC+RCI form the RLINK Group of Companies.