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Applied Modern Theoretics is a corporation that came from a division of Integrated Theoretics Enterprise. This subsidiary of the Theoretics Enterprise aims to develop and implement successful systems from clients far and wide. From Military Organizations to Educational Institutions, we have applied our systems using our theoretics frameworks to the clients’ specific requirements.
Theoretics means:
The branch or part of any field of learning or knowledge that is concerned with theories or hypothesis.
Our core belief is if the client’s request is theoretically possible then we shall carry on the challenge.
We proudly carry the theoretics name because we stand by our principles; “To be part of a motivated system is our approach”. “We are trained to explore all possibilities to solve a problem”.
The Applied Modern Theoretics was formed through a Corporation of dedicated professionals and investors. By 2012 the original Theoretics Company, called Integrated Theoretics, was ready to diversify from parking systems and educational software into other systems. While the Enterprise was servicing the Greenhills Shopping Center Parking System, they were already planning to branch out to other competitive sectors. That is where the Applied Modern Theoretics came in. When there was a need to fill the International outsourcing markets, we found Container Garden Try Co. Ltd, a company in Japan who found favor in the corporation and became an excellent addition to our growth.