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5Flr. MVL Centre Building National Road Paninsingin Tambo Lipa City (infront of De La Salle Lipa) Tambo LIPA CITY BATANGAS

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Who we are?
WB Advance Technology Solutions, Philippines is a reliable supplier of computer parts and services to local and overseas buyers. As we have a range of superior quality products and high technology machines, we aim to provide certified service at all times. In addition, we have already gathered substantial industry knowledge of how to provide global clients with competitively priced products and Guaranteed Services.

As a professional provider of various kinds of consumer electronics, WB Advance Technology Solutions, Philippines, has been established for computer and laptop repairs, networking, upgrading, CCTV and other services of any brands. With its strong background in chip-level aerospace electronic control unit repairing, we have trained our service staff so they keep up with all of the latest trends in the computer industry.
Today, WB Advance Technology Solutions, Philippines is a fast-growing electronic service center and supplier of computer, CCTV and electronic parts. We believe in relationships built based upon friendships and partnership. We endeavor to offer you significant value in every business transaction.

WB Advance Technology Solutions just not only fix and provide but we guaranty!