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Unit 206 J&F Building Marcos Highway Mayamot CITY OF ANTIPOLO RIZAL
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In 1989, while working as a professional Service Representative with a multinational pharmaceutical firm assigned in Batangas, the founder Gil R. Aguila, started referring pest control clients, mostly doctors, to a pest control company owned by a brother-in-law. It was then that he realized the need, importance and opportunity the pest control industry offers. However, it was only in August of 1998 while in the construction industry working as a Vice-President for Sales and Marketing in a steel pipe - manufacturing firm that he took the required FPA seminar/training and acquired licensure of being a Certified Pest Applicator. Gradually, from August 1998 to June 2000, the founder, started accumulating more knowledge, skills, contacts, and experiences before taking his first bold step towards realizing a long overdue vision of “establishing a truly professionalized pest control firm;


We shall contribute our own modest share in the economic development of the nation by:

 Helping in the government’s sanitation and pest control program which consists of providing the services, facilities, and information required by businesses and households, thereby improving their living conditions and fellow Filipino’s quality of life.

 Helping the private sector in their business development efforts by providing professional Pest Control and prevention services and expertise in attaining maximum level of productivity through improved maintenance and sanitation efficiency.

 Helping create jobs while pursuing business activities.


EAGLE PEST CONTROL CORPORATION is the legal name of the company with legal address at:

25 Pinto Street, Rancho Estate, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City