• Business Type: Cosmetics And Herbal Products
  • Address: address--v1 Susano Rd Quezon City Metro Manila
  • Phone Number: 024197580

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Company Profile

DXN International Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Cosmetics and Herbal Products company based in Quezon City, Metro Manila. We specialize in providing high-quality skincare, makeup, and wellness products that are made from natural ingredients. Our mission is to promote health and beauty through the use of herbal remedies and botanical extracts, all ethically sourced and cruelty-free. At DXN International Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to delivering safe and effective products that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. With a team of experienced herbalists and formulators, we strive to create innovative and sustainable solutions for skin and health care. Our dedication to quality, purity, and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the cosmetics and herbal products industry.