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03 Super A Cinema Complex, City Road Calao West CITY OF SANTIAGO ISABELA
(078) 305 0270

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Globestar is a computer store that sells high-end computer hardware and accessories to individuals and various government agencies, business firms and academic institutions in the Philippines since 1997.

Looking beyond with the first office that is strategically situated in the region’s commercial center and first city which is Santiago, it has expanded to other key areas of Region 2. Thus, it has the most compelling reason to position itself to be the region’s unchallenged and dominant player in as far as IT is concerned.
Our people are a combination of youth, creativity, and the determination to succeed in giving high quality products and services that is attuned and responsive to the needs of individuals, Small and Medium Enterprises in the highly competitive information society that is upon us.
Being new player in the market then, it jumpstarted to gain market leadership by linking an agreement with MoScom(Mosaic Communications, Inc) to be the latter’s 22nd point of presence (POP). It made the Company to be the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the region through the help of the first commercial Internet service provider in the Philippines. Equipments were acquired, telephone lines were leased and subscribed, staff were trained. Thus, the foundation of information superhighway in Cagayan Valley has finally begun.
Economic crisis may have hit the Asian region the hardest, but the performance of the company was, in some degree, least affected. Steady growth of Internet subscribers was evident and so with the volume of sales of computer products. It can largely be attributed to the aggressiveness of the Company’s marketing strategy.
Synergy and continuous training of every staff of the company also paved the way for the increasing satisfied and loyal clients. Sure the company had achieved in certain degree of phenomenal success, but it is not seating on its laurels. Not yet, not for now. It is too preemptive to do so when considering the turnover and condition of the IT industry.
The fast development of technology and ever changing business landscape has also becomes the challenging factor to continuously seek for quality excellence in our product and services.
Adherence to this principle, the company remained, however, to be dynamic and responsive to the changing of times and of economy.
Regularly and constantly trying to figure out what is best for the business, for the industry, for the community and for the country.