Retail and Wholesale of Kilowatt Hour Meters

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MARC-MERVIN TRADING was formally established on March 2002, under the company name of MQR Trading which undertake primarily in trading electrical supplies and equipments.

However, in our desire to become more competitive with the advent of globalization, a group of engineers who represents various field of expertise, bounded themselves and formed MARC-MERVIN TRADING, to address the growing needs of its various customers with an end-view of attaining the goals and objectives.

With it's improved capability, MARC-MERVIN TRADING, became one of the leading suppliers of electrical products to commercial and industrial establishments. MARC-MERVIN TRADING has participated in various tenders and negotiation with the primary objectives of meeting the increased demand of electrical supplies and services.

We have credited with the successful completion of supplies in the past several years. Our company is committed to deliver responsible expertise in the field of electrical supplies.

MARC-MERVIN TRADING, offer special services to our clients who are mostly large and medium scale commercial establishments, electric cooperatives, industrial plants, high rise buildings and road projects.