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513 Elcano Street Binondo Manila Philippines Binondo BINONDO NCR CITY OF MANILA
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Philippine Hsien Tiak Taoist Temple Inc.
Master Christopher Co began to provide Feng Shui consultation services in March 2000. It was exclusively for a close circle of friends and relatives. Due to the warm response and overwhelming support, this service was opened to the public. Ever since, we have continuously strived to increase the variety of services provided to best suit our customers needs. Our recommendations are derived from a spectrum of studies that ranges from business consulting, strategy planning, Feng Shui consultation, Fortune reading, Reiki and Chakra systems etc. Our products include Feng Shui items, crystals, precious stones, strategy kits and personalized potions etc. We aim to provide leading personalized services to unleash each individuals full potential.

We offer Feng Shui , Fortune telling and Spiritual healing.