• Business Type: Food and Foodstuff
  • Address: address--v1 1678 J. Zamora St., Paco, Manila Manila Metro Manila
  • Phone Number: (02) 563-0640

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Company Profile

DELA VIEGEN BAKERY AND GROCERY is a well-established food and foodstuff business located at 1678 J. Zamora St., Paco, Manila, Metro Manila. As a leading bakery and grocery store in the area, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality, delicious products that cater to all their culinary needs. Our bakery offers a wide range of freshly baked goods, including bread, pastries, and cakes, all made with the finest ingredients and expert craftsmanship. In addition, our grocery store is stocked with a variety of fresh produce, meats, dairy products, and pantry staples to meet all of our customers' daily shopping needs. At DELA VIEGEN BAKERY AND GROCERY, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and creating a welcoming atmosphere for all who walk through our doors. Our team of experienced bakers and knowledgeable staff are dedicated to ensuring that every customer leaves satisfied and eager to return. Whether you are in need of a quick snack, planning a special occasion, or simply stocking up on essentials, DELA VIEGEN BAKERY AND GROCERY is your one-stop shop for all your food and foodstuff needs in Paco, Manila.