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Established in 1987 in the City of Valenzuela, Eastern Wire Manufacturing Inc. is a leading manufacturer of low carbon steel wire products in the Philippines. The products manufactured under the brand name Green Archer include gabions & mattresses, EVG 3D lightweight construction panel, welded wire mesh, reinforced concrete mesh, chicken wire, cyclone wire, hog wire, barbed wire, crimped wire, g.i. wire and other products. We produce a wide range of wire products with different sizes and shapes for the construction industry.

Over the years, Eastern Wire has maintained its commitment to providing the best quality wire products to the construction industry. In 1995, after careful planning and in response to the market demand for lightweight concrete panels, Eastern Wire formed the EVG 3D Construction division. With complete technology from Europe, the plant was designed along with the most modern concepts in the production of lightweight panels. The 3D elements are manufactured at high precision on a fully automatic 3D welding line. The 3D system represents a novel, cost saving and versatile construction method used in more than 45 countries. Since its production, 3D has been changing construction methods worldwide.

In year 2000, responding to the urgent needs of the construction industry, Eastern Wire introduced its Gabions & Mattresses product line. Gabions are rectangular boxes made of heavy duty galvanized wires & site-filled with stones for earth control and soil conservation. These wire boxes are easy to erect on site and requires no maintenance. It is also used as retaining wall structures, bridges and culvert protection, riverbank and seashore protection.

As time passed, Eastern Wire decided to place its attention on the ever-growing demand for insulation. So in the year 2009, Eastern Wire gave the consumers its latest line for home & industry insulation - the XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) rigid insulation board. It is a foam board that is made using a continuous extrusion process. The board has a rigid closed cell structure that allows for such unique properties as low water absorption, high compressive strength and low thermal conductivity. XPS Insulation Boards are perfect for insulating any surface, be it a roof, wall, ceiling or floor because of their durability, versatility, light weight, ease of installation and high thermal resistance. XPS boards are manufactured exclusively by Eastern Wire.

We here at Eastern Wire fully believe that innovation has no limits. That is why in early 2012, thru careful studies and planning, Eastern Wire introduced the HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic netting. HDPE plastic netting has several properties that make it ideal for protecting, stabilizing, and reinforcing whichever project and environment you are in. It is also suitable for use as source control solution for drainage control. It resists insects, rot and other chemicals. It is easily recyclable and can be used again and again. After all, we are Eco-friendly.

The name Eastern Wire has long been your assurance for top quality wire products. Green Archer wire products are produced under the most stringent quality management and quality control procedures. Together with the application of highly sophisticated technology from Europe, the company is staffed with a team of experienced and well trained personnel whose knowledge and ability contribute to the company output. They are highly trained for quick response and personal customer service.

Eastern Wire uses only the best materials from here and abroad in its production to guarantee the highest level of product quality. It also maintains the needed inventories to ensure fast service to all its customers.

Through its nationwide trading network and clever marketing strategies, Eastern Wire has soundly established its name. The company continues to invest in constant technological advancement and training for its manpower to promote efficiency and productivity.

With its continuing quest for excellence, the production plant continues to equip itself with the latest wire product machinery incorporating all the modern innovations and improvements gained through the years.