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CARMAT COATINGS AND ALLIED PRODUCTS, INC. supplies various industrial and commercial products that may be suitable for your needs.

We carry preventive maintenance chemicals, CARMAT brands of specialty paints and coatings, Industrial supplies, and as part of the expansion, the company also caters to architectural and construction services including steel and iron fabrication.

Epoxy Floor Coating

An epoxy coating or paint is a protective material made from epoxy-based resin. It provides outstanding resistance to corrosive chemicals, heat, extreme toughness, and abrasion resistance.

It is used in building and construction, an epoxy coating may be used for high performance and decorative flooring applications, both in heavy foot and vehicle traffic areas. In the marine industry, an epoxy coating is used as a primer to enhance adhesion of paints applied as a final coating to hulls and decks. In the food industry, an epoxy coating may be applied to metal containers to prevent rust and taste degradation.


For ISO Certification - This is a must have for Companies looking to be accredited for an ISO Certification
Cleanliness/Sanitation - With a Seamless floor and a Non Porous Surface, an Epoxy Floor is easy to clean.
Beautification/Aesthetic - An Epoxy Floor shows class and quality. Guests will be awed with the beauty that is Epoxy Flooring.
Safety - Avoid trip hazards. Takes care of your forklif/handlift wheels.
Good vibes/mood - Increases the mood of employees which boosts morale and productivity.
Protection/Strengthens the floor - Increases Chemical and Mechanical Abrasion Promoting Safety throughout the Company.
Brightens the area - Ideal for Showroom Floor. Saves Electricity with each square meter of coating.
Elimination of Microbial growth. - Ideal for Food Processing and Manufacturing Plants. Hygenic.
Avoid downtime - Repairs the floor with less downtime. 3-5 days of installation and 24 hour curing for foot traffic.
Chemical Resistant - Resistant to Various Chemicals which destroys cement flooring.


Carmacoat Epoxy Primers
Carmacoat Epoxy Deep Penetrating Sealer (1/2" - 4" deep)

Carmacoat Epoxy Adhesive Primer

Carmacoat Surface Renovator
Carmacoat Epoxy Grout and Mortar

Carmacoat Epoxy Sealing Putty

Carmacoat Epoxy Topcoat
Carmacoat High Solid Epoxy Topcoat

Carmacoat Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor Coating

Carmacoat Special Coatings
Carmacoat Anti Skid Coating

Carmacoat UV & Chemical Resistant Top Coat

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