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Unit 01, Open TBI Building, ASTI Compond, U.P. Campus QUEZON CITY Metro Manila
02 436 3905
02 436 3905

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BizAlliance Corp. is an IT company engaged in providing business solutions in the fields of telecommunications, Voice and Data System Integration, Software Development and providing security solutions to any kind of business. The company aims to provide unique, affordable and innovative solutions to clients. The group focuses on products and services related to telecommunications and in addition, providing solutions in terms of software related integration.

In addition to the branded PABX being carried, the group assembled its own IP/PBX using the open source software (asterisk). This product aims in providing unique solutions to small and medium enterprises who wanted to avail technological advancement and experience how telecommunication can be of help in growing the business.
With the telecommunication products or hardware being supported, the company extended its services in structural cabling/wiring (both data and voice), network integration and maintenance of any kind of traditional PABX. The group also formulated an appliance type Auto Attendant Unit and Voice Mail System (asterisk based) to support traditional PABX and enhance the hardware’s capabilities and usage.

With rapid advancement in technology and continuous development, the company will not limit itself to products and services offered but the company regularly expand it and go with the fast changing world of Information Technology. The company continuously expand our product lines to include new products with unique and innovative features which can be utilized in almost size of business.