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19,1st Avenue,Manalac State Bagumbayan Taguig Metro Manila
+632 836-8464
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Accessprint Corp. (formerly: Intinity Printing Corp.) was incorporated on MARCH 09, 2010
and change of name and address was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on
April 7, 2010.
It had started its full operations on August 1, 2010 and in a span of 7 months it had served around 25 clients from different industries especially the pharmaceutical business. The company
has also hired expert professional and technical persons, the most outstanding of them is the General Manager, Ms. Eusebia D. Mendoza, whose expertise and experience in the printing business
started way back in 1978.
We have also expert and experienced production supervisors, machine operators, graphic artist,
and ot her t echni cal personnel t o assure our cl i ent s of qual i t y and t i mel y servi ce.
Our operations is on 24 hours and we have a work force of around 100 people composed of
permanent / full time, contract workers and piece rate workers. We provide full benefits provided
by law to our employees, i.e. Social Security System, Philhealth, Pag-ibig Fund & DOLE.
We have a complete line of printing and other machineries & equipment, mostly German made,
listing of which is included in our company profile.