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Contact: Engr. Joel Panagsagan, President

AMMDA started its earnest beginning in 1964, when national farm machinery and equipment distributors formed an association whose objective is to promote farm mechanization and adoption of modern field practices in our country. The organization formed at the time was called Agricultural Machinery Distributors Association (AMDA). AMDA was incorporated in 1973. In 1978, the membership increased to more than 60 companies representing approximately 95% of the major farm machinery manufacturers, assemblers and distributors in the Philippines. Through the years, as manufacturers were growing in number, the association was renamed Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association, Inc. (AMMDA).

AMMDA is composed of members engaged in the manufacture, assembly, distribution and servicing of farm machinery namely four-wheel tractors (standard and compact) and their implements; power tillers and their attachments; irrigation equipment; post-harvest equipment; processing equipment; gasoline and diesel engines; crop maintenance and protection equipment; and other agricultural machinery.

The members meet once a month with distinguished guest from the government and private sectors to discuss plans, programs and problems relevant to the industry.

For policy formulation, sales statistics, forecasts, market shares and other information pertinent to the industry are also made available by AMMDA to its members and to government and private institutions

AMMDA coordinates with the Department of Agriculture, University of the Philippines Los Baňos (UPLB), International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), DOST/PCARRD, AMDP, BSWM, Philrice, BPRE, PSAE and other government agencies in the formulation of policies for the agricultural mechanization program for the country. These policies would unify the efforts of the various instrumentalities in enhancing optimum farm efficiency through appropriate farm mechanization. It would also help attain production goals and increase income levels in the rural sectors.

AMMDA is also cooperating with the government in its effort to promote the development of local industries in the manufacture of implements, power tillers and other farm equipment, which are within the capabilities of our local technology.

With the great pride, AMMDA has produced three cabinet ministers/secretaries, two of whom past presidents of the association. Arturo R. Tanco, Jr. was Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture for 12 years, the longest serving Minister to serve the Ministry. Ceferino L. Follosco was appointed as under secretary of Department of Trade and Industry and rose to become Secretary of Department of Science and Technology. Salvador M. Enriquez, Jr. was Secretary of Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

Our linkages with the private and government sectors have made us the official spokesman for the agricultural machinery industry

While AMMDA Members are the immediate beneficiaries of the declared policy of the government to increase food production, the Association does not forget its fundamental responsibility to the end users. That of maintaining the highest standards in supplying agricultural machinery that is best suited and appropriate to the needs of agriculture.

AMMDA played a significant role in the formation of the Agricultural Machinery Distributors/Manufactures Accreditation Committee (AMDAC), a committee tasked to evaluate the capabilities of the machinery distributors/manufacturers to sell and service agricultural machinery to be financed by the Central Bank of the Philippines.

More so, another noteworthy accomplishment of AMMDA was the removal of the 20% tariff duty on 25HP and below gasoline and diesel engines during the administration of President Aquino, which resulted in the effective promotion of agricultural mechanization in our country.

AMMDA is earnestly trying to fulfill its noble mission---to maintain high standards of service, and help Philippine agriculture to be efficient and productive in order to face the challenge of the new millennium. Through AMMDA, the agriculture sector will be globally competitive.