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We are the market leader in the portable gas stove and butane gas industry in the Philippines for more than 10 years. Now a formidable force in the production, distribution and installation of construction materials, we have become known for our focus on high technology products, great service and exceeding customer expectations. This is our corporate mission and vision: to maintain quality and guarantee great service to our clientele. The by words we live by are loyalty, dedication and focus.

This combination of quality production and high technology from Korea and outstanding Filipino service have helped us maintain our position in the industry.


KO-NICE CORPORATION owned corporation operated by people honed of professionalism, exposure and experience in dealing with people with different cultures, characters and personalities.

Our products categorized as one of a major component in construction materials like Light Steel Framing Materials, Acoustic Tee Runners, Drywall Partitions, Roofing and Insulation, and we also install all of the said products. These materials were based on the requirements needed by the project itself.

By focusing on providing good quality merchandise, great service and consistently working hard exceeding customer expectations, KO-NICE CORPORATION products were rapidly spread around the Philippines and it wasn't long before demand outstripped supply and more quantities were added.

In almost we are proud to say that we are able to make our products always available in the market and will be delivered on time. Through effective marketing strategies, excellent customer services and good quality products, KO-NICE has remained and will continuously one of the fastest growing and trusted companies in the market.