Industrial Cleaning/Maintenace Service Contractor

UG-34 Cityland Pasong Tamo Makati City Metro Manila

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ULTRASONICPHILS LTD., CO., is an Ultrasonic Cleaning Specialist Company, pioneer in the development and utilization of Ultrasonic Sound wave technology in marine, electronics, power plant and industrial cleaning and de-scaling application.

Make ULTRASONICPHILS LTD., CO. your Full Service Industrial Cleaning Partner………
We specialize in….
Ultrasonic Cleaning Services
of the following:
Air Coolers
Air Handling Units
Atmospheric Condensers
Block Type Heat Exchangers
Charge Air Coolers
Cooling Towers
Cryogenic Heat Exchangers
Double Pipe Heat Exchangers
Finned Tube Heat Exchangers
Fuel Oil Heaters
GEA Radiators
Heat Exchanger Plates
Heating Coils and Elements
Oil Coolers
Plate Type Heat Exchangers
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Other Cleaning Services

Boiler Chemical Washing/Circulation
Contract Cleaning—AHU maintenance
Foam Cleaning System
High Pressure Water Jetting
Pipeline Acid Cleaning/Pickling/Flushing
Pipeline Flushing with Water Test QA
Air con and HVAC duct cleaning