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Unit 601, 6th Floor, Taft Centrale Exchange Bldg. Taft avenue CornerSen. Gil Puyat Avenue Pasay City Metro Manila
919 455 5199

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The Infotech System & Solution Int’l., Inc. is an International Company established to deliver affordable Information Technology services.

Originally, The Infotech System & Solution International, Inc. concept has been visualized and carefully planned since late 1980s. After a very long time of planning and perfecting the system, it was only in March 2012, when designer of the system of infotech system finally put it on the go. Planning, and perfecting the system of Infotech System and Solution International Inc. apparently cost MILLIONS OF PESOS

We are motivated by the belief that “Information Technology should not be expensive, and that our youth should be benefited with the fastest growing technology specially the youth incapable of paying such education”. With this in mind, we at The Infotech System & Solution Int’l., Inc. find ways to make Computer and Information Technology available to all our youth, whether they are rich or poor.

As the main plan, we are a group of dedicated entities whose aim is to help bring the Information Technology within reach of our incapable youth

Mission / Vision / Philosophy

Company Mission
Our mission is to provide low cost yet globally competent Information & Computer Technology services and to bring information technology within reach. To help our Filipino youth to become self dependent entrepreneurs by educating them on computer technology, giving them enough knowledge to be called computer technologists.
Many Filipino youths are talented, which when given an opportunity will excel in their field. Our Mission is to develop these youth's talents and help them excel in the field of computer & information technology, and make them globally competent technologists.

Company Vision
Computer technology conquers almost everything in our lives. We are envisioned of a community whose citizens specially the youth all were computer skilled. Our aims shall spread throughout the country and that THE INFOTECH SYSTEM & SOLUTION INT'L., INC. will become one of the major computer service provider and learning institution.

Company Philosophy
Information & Computer technology need not to be expensive. Computer & Information technology must not be taught only to those who have money, rather, it must be taught to our poor Filipino youth. The purpose of our existence is to bring the technology to those who have interests, talents, and brains, whether they are rich or poor.

Men Behind

Board Of Directors (Incorporators) & Staff

Mr. Victor M. Raquipiso
Chairman / CEO

Mr. Edwin C. Dabucol

Ms. Beatriz C. McCaughan
President / COO

Mr. Rodrigo P. Lugod Jr.
System Administrator/Web Master

Mr. Michael S. Araucto
Head, Training Department

Mr. Francis G. Tercias
Head, Technical Department

Ms. Sol A. Morano
Administrative Officer