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Hitutor.Com Inc. is a subsidiary of Dewey International Education Ltd. and Edison Technology Co., Ltd.

We are the integration of the teacher's Center with the largest number of foreign teachers in Taiwan and a professional consulting firm with study-abroad services. The current capital of the mother companies amounts to one million US dollar. Online ESL teaching is the newest service form addressing the personal electronic era. We provide quality education to ESL learners with certified qualified teachers working online with foreign students.

Serving customers throughout the Department of Education in Taiwan, public and private colleges, universities, primary schools and English cram schools, we screen and selected our teachers with extreme high standards. Only those of excellent character and personality, those with ESL teaching experience or those who have teaching licenses are confirmed a teaching job with us. Moreover, only those with neutralized accent lead a position in HiTutor Inc.

Mission & Vision:
Our objective is to extend educational services to individuals with the intention to help improve their foreign language learning and to provide an open and affordable learning platform, whether in domestic or overseas countries.