Flexicore Construction Services

102-d Tandang Sora Ave. Quezon city Quezon city Laguna

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FlexiCore construction services is a Philippine contractor based company that specializes in

Diamond Coring / Core Drilling - up to any meter depth and diameter size that you require

Controlled Demolition thru wall sawing and wire sawing method

Anchor Bolt Installation - supply and install of epoxy and bolt
Rebar Dowelling Installation - installation of epoxy
Total Demolition using jackhammer
Sealant Application - supply and install of construction sealant
Concrete Scanning - to detect the rebars of the concrete

you can contact us at

843-3414 / 843-5517 / 664-9446 / 455-9447/ 0917-8144411 / 0922-8482644 / 09228144448

or you can email us at