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Native Cottaged Station 1,Balabag Boracay Malay Aklan
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Experience Boracay the way it should be. Native bungalows, luscious greens, majestic sunrise, lazy afternoons, breathe-taking moon rise and scenic sunsets. Hear the chime of leaves catching the mellow monsoon winds, sneak a gentle peak through the shadows of sunbeam as they lie amongst the tiers of earth, listen to the choir of chirps as you witness rare bird courtships. These and amongst the rest is Niu ‘Ohana.

Niu ‘Ohana Boracay Garden Resort is haven to artists, adventurers, nature lovers and individuals who have an active lifestyle. Niu ‘Ohana houses native bungalows which are built with native materials, bamboos, weaved leave walls and roofs. A complete pull back from the contemporary with a full on board experience of native country living. Our luscious garden compliments our native inspired bungalows and sets the mood of a country feel. Our garden has the most number of hibiscus varieties and tropical flowers; cool and breezy atmosphere calls a lazy afternoon and demands to pamper yourself with a massage.

Dine and chill at Niu Ohana Coffee shop, where you can check your emails with our free WIFI, have a conversation with our friendly staff and get to know what is Boracay all about, or perhaps learn to cook how we cook, the Filipino way. We are more than willing to share our customs and culture with you and your family.

Your stay is what is important to us because we are your family, Niu Ohana Boracay Garden Resort is your home away from home. We are your Coconut family.