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Company Background

IMAX ENGINEERING began out of the desire to contribute to the fast growing demand and modernization system of the Construction & Building Technology. After more than two decades of solid experience in the building industry specialized in concrete engineering, we have widened our horizon in terms of catering the relevant fields of practice. Our experience have led us to reinforce our technical expertise in the building technology innovation from the conventional approach to the state of the art strategies in Architectural and Engineering fields.

Along with our strong advocacy to promote the green building solutions, we have developed several formulas applicable to every specific engineering application.

Managing our Growth
IMAX is a sole proprietorship that will eventually convert to a Corporation. As a new corporate entity, IMAX will cater the demands of their valued clients who have contributed to the growth of the company all throughout the past two decades since our company’s birth, We consider our clients as our solid partners who have helped us maintain our focus. In response to this growth, IMAX is currently developing an advanced research & development program that entirely focus on service and product efficiency while backed by our reliable technical and financial partners.

IMAX is structured like other Architectural & Engineering Firm. However, it will serve clients with needs for select, specialized requirements rather than the most common architectural & engineering projects. IMAX has ten divisions, targeting the following areas of expertise:

Green Architecture & Engineering Design & Construction
Water Treatment & Waste water Treatment System
Swimming Pools, Spas, Water Features & Other Aquatic Recreation Projects
Renewable Energy Engineering Solutions
Industrial Hydraulics & Pneumatics Engineering Application
Waterproofing System & Concrete Repair System Using Environment Friendly Technology
Fiberglass & Carbon Reinforced Polymer Retrofitting Systems (FRP & CFRP)
Fiber Reinforced Plastics Fabrication
Marine Engineering Application
Project Management Engineering and Consultancy


It is the policy of IMAX to provide our customers with the highest quality, safety and most environmentally acceptable products and services within the bounds of our expertise. It is our hope that the services we render and the products we deliver are the most technologically and environmentally advanced, thus leading the rows of technology-based products and services providers for the Architectural and General Engineering systems equipping our team with technical, social, personal and interpersonal skills and the strong advocacy to promote an environment friendly solutions.


To emerge as a global vehicle that consistently responds to the rigid requirements of the Architectural and General Engineering industry and remains focused in addressing its demands in maintaining high quality standards of products and services.