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223-225 Mangosteen Road, Taguig Metro Manila
+63 02 837 7594
+63 02 837 7596

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Nimonic Exhaust Valve recondition
Exhaust Valve Spindle, Seat Ring and Guide Bush
Piston Crown, Ring group
Exhaust Valve Spindle & Seat Ring (bottom piece)
Crane wheel, Overhead crane wheel, Grab bucket
Cylinder Head, Valve Box
Centrifugal Pump, Haft Housing, Impeller, Mouth Ring
Boiler mounting valve, safety valve recondition and popping test.
Setting and Pressure Test
Steel Structural Fabrication and Repair Works

REPAIRING HEAVY EQUEPMENT PARTS Main engine (B&W, SULZER, ETC.) Auxiliary Engine Purifier
 General Ship’s Stories
 Stern Tube Seal
 Repair Service
Steel Structural Fabrication and Repair Works
Engine / Deck Machinery
Repair / Overhauling
Electrical Work / Motor Rewinding
Special welding for machinery reconditions
Automatic works (pneumatic, hydraulic, electronic)
Air-conditioning / Refrigeration works

 Authorized HHI Engine Sales Agent
 Authorized HHI Engine Spare Part Sales Supplier
 Authorized HHI Diesel Engine Repairer
 Marine equipment and Spare Parts sales