Hauling services and forklift rental

468 Phase XI, Bankers Village Guitnang Bayan San Mateo Rizal

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De Sun Trading was formed in 1998, combining the expertise of Logistics Manager, Drivers and Helpers who had working for years in the field of DISTRIBUTIONS and HAULING SERVICES, thus, they bring into the hauling services their wide knowledge of high quality workmanship. The company was formed to be a reliable and friendly forklift rentals and hauling services.

The company maintains a flat organization structure. This is based on the precept of facilitating close personnel interfacing, harmonious employee relations through quick problem response, faster decision making and well planned growth all of which are geared toward customer satisfaction.

De Sun Trading team will continue to grow, develop and build upon its capability, philosophy and integrity.

Above all, we will continue with our commitment to customer satisfaction.