Ferotex 3648 General luna Bangkal Makati Makati Metro Manila

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Ferotex Laundry Machinery Corporation
Practical laundry machinery, sensible investment!
About us

 Ferotex started as a trading outfit (buy and sell or popularly called as exclusive distributor) supplying various laundry machinery and kitchen equipment to the hotel and hospital industry in 1988.
 Economic crises shifted the company’s mission and vision to what it is now:
Providing inexpensive import substitute tropicalized heavy-duty industrial laundry machinery. Using locally available universal component parts and basic engineering design concept that is easy to repair and maintain by any service technician at a lower cost with abundant supply of replacement parts. The need for hard to find exclusive and factory trained service technicians is eliminated.

Contribute in the industrialization of our nation towards productivity, progress and prosperity - thus creating more employment opportunities.

Help in minimizing our country's import dependent and save millions of dollars that can be used for other much more important and highly essential commodities.

Provide certified Basic Laundry Training (BLT) which is an essential requirement to properly and economically operate an on premise laundry. Learn how to develop your own distinct washing formulas and programs at the most economical laundry operation and cleaning efficiency that can be translated to accounting controls and arrived at your cost per kilogram of laundry wash load for management monitoring.
 The company is privately held and has been specializing only in the fabrication and supply of the following:
 Washing Machines - All stainless steel side loading and with both ends of shafts supported to prevent inner cylinder basket sagging.
 Hydro Extractors - Vertical with used truck rubber tires as vibration isolator foundation. (Thanks to the Filipino ingenuity).
 Tumbler Dryers - Stainless steel and reversing inner cylinder basket.

Ferotex Facts

 As of March 31, 2012, Ferotex laundry machinery have been specified by quite a number of institutions from Aparri to Gensan that requires large volume quality washing .

 Ferotex laundry machinery now still up and running in good condition after more than two decades at Patio Pacific Resort Hotel Boracay that started in 1990 as an 8-room private retreat, Patio Pacific has now bloomed to a 65-room, triple A-rated resort, accredited by the Philippine Department of Tourism.

 First to put a lot of tourist to sleep soundly and comfortably with fresh, crisp and clean linen amidst the beauty of nature to “One of the 7 Wonders of Nature - Puerto Princesa Underground River" at the Sheridan Beach AAA Resort and Spa.

 First to put a lot of patients to sleep soundly and comfortably at the first medical-hotel World Citi Medical Center in Anonas, Cubao in 1994.

 The company’s management team is comprised of executives from Technolux-Electrolux and founder of OKLEEN Industries and MVRAM Trading. Oliver Almero is the General Manager.

 With liaison office at 3648 General Luna Street, Bangkal, Makati City and workshop located in Marcos Alvarez Extension Avenue, Bacoor, Cavite.

 Now the country’s pioneer manufacturer and the first in ASEAN.

 With a level playing field at the world wide web, Ferotex’s search engine popular website for laundry machinery has put the Philippines in the world economic map as one possible exporter of good quality industrial laundry machinery.

Basic Laundry Training Seminar (BLT) certifies eligibility for working abroad.