Construction and Plumbing Services

Lot 3 Block 5 Laura Street, Brgy. Old Balara Quezon City Metro Manila

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AQUEDUCT Construction & Plumbing Services (ACPS) is one of the fast rising construction companies in the Philippines, specializing in Plumbing / Sanitary Works (Storm and Sanitary Drainage, Sanitary Venting, Hot and/or Cold Water Supply, Sewerage System and Waste Disposal). ACPS also handles projects for Fire Protection Sprinkler Piping System.

ACPS scope includes Design, Estimate, Installation, Maintenance and Repair.

ACPS has been involved and undertaken numerous projects for the past years. This includes various residential, office buildings, and commercial establishments. Since then, ACPS had offer a spectrum of services to its client, found and uplift different projects through full time involvement and dedication of its management and staffs. Through experience, ACPS had been versatile and wide base on its field of expertise, giving efficient service which had been the company’s trademark.