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Manila Machinery & Supply Co., Inc. was founded in 1926. MSA Safety Products were among the original products carried along with Toledo Weighing Scales, AP Green Refractories, Tyler Sieves, Taylor Instruments, Joy Pumps, and De Laval Motors. In those years, the Mining sector was the main industry focus. MSA was known for their Miner’s Cap Lamp, Skullgard Helmets, W65 Self Rescuers, and Portable Instruments for Combustible and Methane gases. MSA Safety Products was then the Mining Business Division.

Over the years, as new industries emerged, MSA International has developed products that include: Air Supplied Respirators, Air Purifying Respirators, Gas Masks, Helmets, Personal Protective Clothing, and Portable Instruments that monitor various industrial gas exposure. The new industries covered were Petroleum, Chemical, General Manufacturing, and the American Bases in Olongapo City and Angeles City. The major contributors of revenue were the Mining and the Petroleum Industries. The American bases were also an important contributor.

Due to the financial crisis in the early 80’s, the business unit/division concept was dissolved. MSA Safety Products was handled by a Product Manager. The marketing was done by a pool of Account Managers who were also tasked with the marketing of all available products of the company. In the late 80’s, the business unit concept was revived. The MSA Safety Products was renamed Business Unit 3-Industrial Safety. The business unit was composed of a Business Unit Manager, two (2) Account Managers, a Secretary, and a Technician. All the marketing activities were the sole responsibility of the Business Unit Group. However, the logistics and other administrative needs were handled by a centralized Finance and Accounting Department.

By the end of 2000, a re-organization took place from the then Business Unit 3-Industrial Safety to the new Business Unit 2-Fire and Safety. It has a new corporate name, Ultra-Seer Inc. The core business of Ultra-Seer Inc. or SEER includes Industrial & Personal Safety, Fire and Rescue Equipment and Gas Monitoring Instruments.