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The Cebu Investment Promotions Center (CIPC) was established in 1994 for the primary purpose of promoting Cebu to foreign direct investments. Legally registered as a non-stock, non-profit foundation, it is a joint undertaking of the Province of Cebu, the Local Government Units of Metropolitan Cebu and at least 50 of the largest corporations operating in Cebu.

CIPC takes the lead in all activities promoting Cebu to foreign investors. It provides professional services to investors to facilitate their entry into Cebu. Adatabank containing the most comprehensive economic information on Cebu is housed at CIPC to assist in this task.

All of CIPC?s services are provided free to the investor.

CIPC provides the following services:

A. Investment Promotions

- Conduct economic presentations on Cebu as an investment destination or business location.
- Establish linkages with counterpart promotional agencies abroad.

B. Investor Services

- Provide economic briefings.
- Arrange for plant and site visits.
- Provide information and economic statistics necessary for decision making
- Network with organizations that can provide assistance to investors.

C. Policy Advocacy

CIPC strongly advocates that:

- The right infrastructure necessary for foreign investments are put in place.
- Government bureaucracy, particularly systems and procedures, are streamlined for business.
- Government policies are supportive of foreign direct investments.

Unique Selling Proposition

? Demonstrated Capability in ICT

? Track Record as an ICT Investment Destination for Call Centers, BPO and Other ICT-Enabled Services

? Cost Advantage

? Lifestyle ? a Cosmopolitan Setting in a Resort Environment