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Premiere Medical And Cardiovascular Laboratory, Inc. - Diagnostic


RII Building 136 Malakas Street, Brgy. Central Quezon City Metro Manila
+6324351702 / +6329280838 / +634266599
+6324351702 local 104

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PREMIERE MEDICAL AND CARDIOVASCULAR LABORATORY, INC. is a secondary laboratory located in Quezon City that specializes in cardiovascular diagnostics first opened its doors to the public on July 2007 and since then has supplies the diagnostic services needed by the patients and doctors that is accurate, reliable and at reasonable rate. The laboratory specializes in the performance of cardiac and vascular imaging as well as medical services.
Being the first laboratory to specialize in cardiovascular diagnosis, our mission is to provide a team of dedicated and well trained staff of cardiologist and sonologist to provide quick, accurate and highly reliable results essential to the day to day care of patients with cardiovascular disease. We utilize an entirely comprehensive 2D Echo Doppler and Vascular Study protocol for accurate assessment of chamber size, cardiac functions, vascular anatomy and cardiovascular hemodynamics. Our consultant staffs conducts periodic review and meets regularly to adapt the most current recommendations of the performance and interpretation of 2D Echo Doppler and vascular studies. In light of this our laboratory is equip with state of the art cardiac

dedicated 2DEd machines with tissue harmonics imaging technology for better visualization of cardiac structures specially in patients with difficult or poor echo windows. High quality images through fully digital recording and playback are provided for study review. The close collaboration between our sonologists and cardiologists ensures that diagnostic studies are done to the highest quality and in compliance with standard techniques and protocols. Continuing Medical Education (CME) activities are conducted though weekly lectures, provision of current books on echocardiography and vascular ultrasound, & conventions to ensure upgrading of knowledge and skills. The support of no less than 25 active cardiology consultants most of whom have sub-specialty training in Echocardiography, Vascular, Diseases, Interventional cardiology and Electrophysiology provides the core strength of the laboratory.
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