• Business Type: Services
  • Address: address--v1 4 R. JABSON ST., PASIG METRO MANILA
  • Phone Number: 643 4408

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Company Profile

R. Mendoza Skin Clinic is a premier skincare destination located in the bustling city of Pasig, Metro Manila. With a commitment to providing top-notch skincare services, we strive to help our clients achieve healthy, radiant skin. Our clinic offers a wide range of services, including facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments, all tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Led by renowned dermatologist Dr. R. Mendoza, our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results with a personalized approach. At R. Mendoza Skin Clinic, our mission is to educate and empower our clients to take control of their skin health. We believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and we are here to help them achieve that goal. From acne treatments to anti-aging solutions, we are committed to providing the highest quality care in a warm and welcoming environment. Visit us at R. Jabson St., 4 Pasig, Metro Manila, and let us help you achieve the glowing, healthy skin you deserve.