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BayanTel Corporate Profile

Bayan Telecommunications Inc. (BayanTel) is a facilities-based, data services and wireless fixed-line telecommunications provider.

It is one of the leading providers of data and communication services in the country such as DSL, IP-VPN, ATM, Metro Ethernet, international and domestic frame relay and dedicated leased lines, VSAT and managed data services. It also has one of the biggest Internet backbone in the country with more than 1 Gbps link to the Global Internet backbone. It also manages one of the largest domestic IP peering point called the National Internet and Gaming Exchange (NiGX).

BayanTel nationwide network is a completely redundant meshed transmission network connected via a high-speed backbone consisting of satellite, terrestrial and submarine based facilities.

The network includes a satellite network with around 300 earth stations, a nationwide terrestrial backbone based on SDH platform and recently upgraded its capacities in the National Digital Transmission Network (NDTN) to 10 gbps. The NDTN is a project of six Philippine telecommunications carriers, which BayanTel is the largest controlling shareholder with an 84% voting interest.

The company offers a full range of switched and dedicated local exchange services and provides national and international long distance services to residential, business and carrier customers in the Philippines.

BayanTel? existing service areas in Metro Manila, North Luzon, Eastern Visayas and Northern and Southern Mindanao combined cover a population of over 25 million, nearly 33% of the Philippine population. It has the second largest geographic coverage of any domestic provider of local exchange services.

BayanTel is interconnected with all the major telecommunication carriers in the country. Various member-carriers belonging to the Philippine Association of Private Telephone Companies also have interconnection agreements with BayanTel. Through its various foreign correspondents, BayanTel can terminate international calls to and from more than 235 countries around the world.

Corporate Highlights:

Track Record

? First Telco in the Philippines to meet the 300K line target under the service area scheme of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). 18 months ahead of its schedule.
? Provides data connectivity to 80% of major banks in the country.
? Supplier of mission critical data links to key government institutions such as the Armed Forces of the Philippine, The Philippine National Police among others.
? Provides the system of data (Internet) and communication needs of top
schools in the country.
? Telco market leadership in key provinces in the Philippines such as Bicol,
Eastern Visayas and Agusan
? Provides VPN for the Philippine Stock Exchange that allows it different brokers
/offices to be connected.
? Provides the data system for nationwide gaming firms.
? The fist major Telecommunications Network to launch its residential
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service via Sky Internet VoIP.
? A pioneer Internet Service Provider (ISP) via the Sky Internet.

Robust and Reliable Network

? Network was designed and built to provide world class reliability and quality.
? Majority owner of the fully digital, fiber optic, fully redundant nationwide data and backbone that allows the whole Philippines to be digitally, reliably and efficiently connected.
? Established Internet Points of Presence in all major cities in the country.
? Nationwide rollout of DSL services.
? Most advanced Network Operations Center (NOC) in the country.
? Nationwide rollout of the Next Generation Network (NGN).