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Welcome to PhilippineCompanies.com

PhilippineCompanies.com was created in 2007 aiming to provide the answer to questions as mundane as Where to get a Haircut in Quiapo? to A Listing of all IT Companies in Cebu.

PhilippineCompanies.com currently has Businesses in its Database making it the largest business directory in the Philippines and this is growing every day! This website builds its database from publicly accessible directories of information such as Business Registrations in various Municipalities and other Online Directories. However, we wish that you, the viewing public, would provide the necessary assistance to keep our database up-to-date and complete. Please feel free to register Philippine businesses you wish to be found in our database and edit any existing entry you believe is inaccurate. Entries appear within 24 hours of updating.

In early 2008 we introduced Google Maps integration in the website. The system is currently utilizing Google Map's Geocoding functionality to 'predict' the location of a business based on its address. Please note that while this is not 100% accurate, our system regularly validates and re-checks its results and as existing maps improve so will the results we provide. In the meantime, we appreciate any contributions by the public to correct or improve any erroneous map locations by clicking the 'edit profile' button beside each map.

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