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14/F Valero Telepark, 111 Valero St., Salcedo Village
Makati City Metro Manila

Tel: (632) 797-7777
Fax: (632) 797-7106

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Globe Telecom and Innove Communications rose up to meet their corporate customers demands for complete and relevant solutions, as well as integrated services with the creation of the Enterprise Business Group.

In response to global developments, maturing technologies and most importantly, the enterprises changing needs and preferences, GlobeQUEST and GlobeSolutions have started to move towards stronger integration of mobile and fixed propositions and operations. As the line between fixed and wireless communications becomes more blurred everyday, the direction to take becomes clear. The future lies in fixed-mobile convergence, which will present our clients with unique opportunities to improve their businesses.

Through the successful integration of fixed and mobile services, GlobeQUEST and GlobeSolutions, the corporate business arms of Innove and Globe Telecom respectively, the Enterprise Business Group (EBG) is able to transcend traditional barriers to deliver the most relevant solutions to our corporate customers ? across fixed and mobile boundaries and networks, as well as by using different resources.

GlobeQUEST Products and Services

Broadband Internet
? Burstable GIX
? Internet Direct
? Corporate DSL services
? Universal Access services
? WIZ ? Wireless Internet Zone
Private Networks (Domestic and International Data Services, Managed Networks)
Corporate Voice
Broadband Access

GlobeSolutions Products and Services

SMS Messaging Solutions
AutoLoadMax Corporate Edition
Tracker Corporate Edition
Corporate Ringback

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MYLENE SALVADOR BENITO: I am from dubai trying to pay the bill of my daughter online but how,, LINELL C. DE VELA: I'm in the US now. How can I pay for landline 6327570560 on line. It's under Innove Communications Inc. under the acccount name of my daughter Marie Franchette P. Batario (acct no. 834563833) RONALDO AFABLE: How can I check for my paid acct at Innove Communications, Inc. or at Globe Telecom? I am Mr. Ronaldo C. Afable, sometimes in August 2013, I applied for a globe plan at Globe Business Center located at SaveMore, Sorsogon City. But after a month and upon follow up of my application, it turned out that I have an unpaid acct on my previous globe landline w/ telephone # 560000691 under acct # 835804090. As to my knowledge, I already paid said acct sometimes in 2010 at your Globe Business Center located at Gaizano Mall in Legaspi City but I lost the copy of the receipt. They ask me for a certification that I already paid the said acct for them to process my globe plan application. Looking forward for your reply, Thank you! RODOLFO CRUZ CONCEPCION: I am Gloria Concepcion of #68 East Estanza, Lingayen, Pangasinan with account number 8489710. On April 25, 2013 the Innove Communications under the Globe Telecom installed Wimax service type in our home at the above-given address. The team leader installer, D. Fortres/H. Panes told us to pay Php 999.00 as advance payment in order to install the Wimax. On the same date, my husband signed the Service Completion Report number 415236 and I paid advance payment of PhP 999.00 per our agreement. The advance payment was received by Diovenil Fortes, of A.G. MAGNO., Installer. My query is, why I am being asked to pay Php 1,600 plus when in fact the Wimax service type is only Php999.00. What is the Php 600 for? When I signed the Service Completion Report, I was only required to pay Php 999.00 in order to install the Wimax and nothing more. But to my dismay, when I was billed for the first time I was asked to pay Php 1500.00. When I verified from your customer service about the additional Php500, I was told that it is for installation fee. I am then wondering why I am required to pay additional Php additional payment when in fact the installers team leader: D Fortes/H. Dantes required me to pay only Php999 before they install the wimax. They never mentioned nor required me to pay additional Php500 as installation fee. But now, why are you collecting Php 500 as installation fee when there was no agreement to pay Php500 before they installed the Wimax service. I understand that an installation fee is paid before installing any gadget/device. If it is a requirement, they did not suppose to install the wimax unless the installation fee is paid. LORIE SABEJON-VILLARINO: I am Isaac Paulino v. Villarino. I am the lessor of the cell site of innove com. inc. in san isidro, leyte. May I know what happened to the december 2013 monthly rental of innove com. inc. Usually the check from standard charterd bank is sent to me in adavnce every last week of the preceeding month. that is, in case of december rental the check is sent to me last week of november. unfortunately, until today december 10, 2013 no check was sent. i tried to visit the innove office in pioneer corner madison streets, madaluyong city but the guard on duty at the main entrance informed me that innove com. inc has transferred its office in market-market taguig city. kindly informed me what happend to the monthly rental and if case there was indeed a transfer of office please notify/send me the new address and contact number for proper coordination. my contact number is 0947-387-14-38. LORIE SABEJON-VILLARINO: I am isaac paulino v. villarino. i am the lessor of the cell site of innove com. inc in san isidro, leyte. i tried to call your contact numbers which were given to me by a certain lala miranda 730-2750/730-40-38 but the said numbers are not yet in service. please notify me if there is a change of address and contact number. Im trying to find out why no monthly rental check being sent to me for the month of december 2013. if there is a problem due to the devastation of typhoon yolanda its OK but PLEASE let me know what is the reason of the delay. my contact number is 0947-387-14-38. SERAFIN YANGA: I am Serafin Q. Yanga, broadband internet only subscriber. My problem is: There is an intermitent connection in our area particular along San jose St. San jose, Antique due to the issue: Secondary wires were stolen. As per report and validated from 211, the issue started December 29 but till now intermitent signal was still an issue. The time duration December 29, 2013 up to now January 16, 2014, is not enough to restore the issue? It seems very long. Everytime I call 211, they says that it is still on going. With that long period? it is still on going? I questioned then the capacity/capability of your technician assigned in our place if they are capable enough to handle the said issue. If not, please assist them in the restoration or maybe you can look for another person that is capable enough to handle the issue. I think, the problem is with them/technician on how they act and fix the issue. Hope that this complaint of mine will be heared by topmanagement to properly address the issue so as not to downgrade the service you are giving to us. Remember that there are a lot of competitors aroung and anytime we can change our decision. Thank you very much! LEOPOLDO C. GECONCILLO III: To Whom it May Concern, Sir/Ma'am - i am Leopoldo C. Geconcillo III. I am located in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental. My Landline number is 421-2393. I have been calling your technical support since last week right after my internet connection has been reinstalled. I had an internet connection with landline before but because my son is always out of town due to his internship, our internet is not very usefull to us since he is the one who needed it the most. I have just had my internet connection re installed because he just passed the board and now here with us again. the reason why i called up your technical support is that I wanted to have my TELEPHONE HAND SET replaced because it's old already and that the ringer is no longer functioning. Before the ringer malfunctioned, some of the key pad sometimes doesn't work. I was even assuming that the one who will install the internet will be bringing a new set of hand set since our plan is with landline but the installer told me that I have to call your technical support for it so I did called up but was advised to wait for 24hrs upon installation so called up again the second time last saturday but until yesterday, no action was taken so i called up again your technical support last night but the problem is that everytime they connect me to your technician, the call is always cut and I called three times already but still the problem persist. I just had the chance to answer some questions by one of your technician (vincent or michael) like my landline number, my name, and location but was once again cut. How can I possibly address my problem to your technical support when I could not even finish our conversation and how can your technician be able to assess the problem when he doesn't even give extra mile in calling me perhaps or just even taking note of the problem. How can we possibly make use of our landline when we won't even know if we have an incoming call since the ringer is defective? My request is very simple and yet it's so difficult for your company to grant. i might transfer to PLDT should this very simple problem will not be addressed within the day. By the way, PLDT already lend me one of their handset and i'm using it now. Thanks CHRISTIAN MAYO PILAR: Gud pm.christian pilar po ito.pwedi po b mlaman anu exact duedate q..kc la nman po cla cnasabi sakin..kya minsan delay ang payment ko ito po account no.850417436 CHRISTIAN MAYO PILAR: Contact nio nlng po aq 09109385829 JON BUNDANG: im Jonjon A. Bundang of #15 Quirino st, Poblacion, Aringay, La Union. A new tatto home broadband subscriber plan P1,099 at 2mbs. It was installed and activated last May 7, 2014 and im fully paid of all the brequired fees as well as complted all the necessary documents all at the same day. But the wireless HUAWEI phone for you so called unlimited calls and texts to globe/TM was never been activated nor used up to this moment, and i lost my Internet connection last May 22, 2014 and never had an access again to this very day. I had called ur costumer service at 211 but i didnt get any clear explanation why they are telling me that my subscription isnt fully activated yet but all i know that i'ved fullfilled and submitted all the requirements and most of all, fully paid for it already. Never had any feedback and all i got are bunch of reference numbers from ur service agents. Here's the serial no. of my wimax modem s/n 500821508402001309 Y2 BM623m, SSID BM623m-CC8668, wifi key5RR5BD2YBB.... and sim serial number for the wireles phone, sim s/n- 4140 6301 1003 9166.... and have a copy of your SERVICE COMPLETION REPORT NO. 33860 from Innove Communications,service no. ECWX JOC 140 504685 dated MAY 07, 2014 signed by the installers and team leader...and PAYMENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT RECEIPT No. AR_JOCL 23237 from JOCYTEL INC. dated MAY 07, 2014 with a total amount of P1,299.00, also signed by you representatives... Kindly help me resolve all my concerns, June 07 is my first billing date but how could i pay without using even a half of your service? And how come i havent been issued my Globe Account No... im getting the attention of your roving agents and installers as well as the agent who convinced me to subscribe but they just keep on ignoring my calls and attentions... Can your company act on this ASAP please,. maybe i already given you almost complete details of whats in ur package bundle.... Thanks and im already giving my appreciation in advance. more power. CHAKOL KO: i am chuck edyll goc-ong of purok nangka estaca compostela cebu. We have our new tattoo home broadband plan 1599 at 5mbps,and why it was slow in connection i tried to speedtest but how come it was only 1mbps..? DOMINGO GO: Pakicheck naman yun landline namin 9338039 , since Glenda , wala pa kaming landline ? At yun modem namin , de-kalso ? Pls lang , malaki na nawawla sa negosyo namin ? Asap ! ISGAM RYJS: Bakit nman d p nabawasan ang bill nmin eh noong nov.6 ngabayad nman kami sa 2 no.nmin.account name MAGSIPOC,RADITO C. ACCNT NO.60064171ang bnayad nmin d2 ay 500 at account name MAGSIPOC,RADITO C. 60073464 ang bnayad nmin sa accnt n e2 1000.bakit hanngang ngaun d p nababawasn yan? ISGAM RYJS: 2 account yan MAGSIPOC,RADITO C.paki follow up nman kc baka maputolan kami. NORIMA MACATOON LIMBONA: pki check nmn ung globe lines nmin,853882930....?nung jan.12 2015 nagbyad ako piru wla parin?tumawag skin ang operator ng globe pag di daw ako nag bayad sa feb.17 ma da disconnect ako at binayaran ko nmn piru til now wla parin? anu b tlaga? luge na ako sa inyo?kilan 2 maaayus? LILIBETH GATURIAN BAYQUIN: Why is your customer service hotline hard to contact? By the way i would to complain that our internet connection is too slow for almost six months. Please check and repair if necessary our account no. 846242101. I would highly appreciated if you take an immediate and positive response. Thank you and God bless! TOBERLAM C YARODA: i am lamberto c daroya with account Nr 847093950 pls notify that under this accts following are my payments through your office. . .jan'15-P1557-35090. .feb 01-P1307-37277. .mar 4-P1470-38753..mar 16-P1370-37757. . .apr 04-P1300-B7620076028692. . .pls re check ur accounting balance so you stop calling me back from time to time reminding of my payments and discontinue ur service to me. . . for clearing purposes only. ..thank you. . . WILSON LIM: I always get a text message about some charges being added to my statement and I should text a number to reverse the charge within 24 hours. Now, when I get a legitimate text message from Globe, I worry if it's another SCAM. If Globe allows its platform to be used as an accessory to a crime, doesn't that make Globe a criminal organization too. Just thinking out loud! GERASIMA DIPUTADO SUNGA: I am Gerasima A. diputado of Tubtubon, Sibulan. Kindly check my internet connection here in Tubtubon, Sibulan, Negros Oriental. Two days already that we had no connections. My account number is 835004105. CHIE CARROLL: how do I find my globe account number? I just had Globe broadband home installed today. I can't find on the receipt or service installation report the account number? LOURDES LAQUIAN: my name is Lourdes Liwayway Machi Laganzo Kato,acct number is ...838307331....telephone number is phone is not working but we have internet,Please come to my house and fix this problem,looking forward to your good service,tyvm....,also our internet connection is very slow for a long time seems I am not getting what I am paying for,pls respond JOHNNY ESTACIO: walang kwentang provider JOHNNY ESTACIO: ang kapal ng mga mukha ng globe at innove, lakas maningil ng monthly at ang mahal pa ng mga plan... hindi naman mameet ang speed ng mga subscribers.... mga wakang ina kayo.... FUCK ???? PAOLO ECHEVARRIA: simula ng nagpalit ang bayantel ng globe hirap na hirap na ako magbayad online.....ano ba nangyayari dito..

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